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The Gradow Advantage

Clarity, Integrity, Expertise

Confidence in your financial future begins with the sense that you have been understood: that your needs and goals have been recognized by individuals who listen, and who provide clear explanations of crucial information.

Gradow Capital Management (GCM) instills this confidence. Our seasoned advice is based on years of experience in financial markets and portfolio management. GCM offers a disciplined approach that rests on time-tested philosophies, objective analysis, and an appreciation of our clients’ individual concerns.

In a world of dizzying options, GCM provides the strategic vision to grow your wealth and give clarity to your financial future.

Proprietary Investment Models

Gradow Capital Management helps families and institutions grow and protect their wealth through proprietary investment models designed to:

  • enhance long-term performance
  • moderate inflation effects
  • reduce risk
  • incorporate both personal and inter-generational financial goals

These models are customized, risk-appropriate, and offer maximum growth potential. They utilize knowledge gained over numerous economic cycles and incorporate the best of recent academic research.

Long-Term Approach

Individual security selection and active trading are a sub-optimal approach to wealth accumulation.  GCM's approach is long-term and comprehensive. 

Our portfolios are not tied to one fund, one market, or one investment style, but utilize best-of-class investment options while emphasizing low-cost, low-turnover, no-load vehicles.

Individual Attention

The average Relationship Manager at a large investment firm may have as many as 300 clients and very little time to devote to your individual needs.  High employee turnover means that clients are often shuffled among different account managers, none of whom gains a complete understanding of a client’s needs.

GCM takes a decidedly different approach.  Our limited client base allows for highly individualized attention that emphasizes continuity in service.

Objective Analysis

As a fee-only wealth manager, GCM ties its compensation to the size and performance of your portfolio, rather than to fund commissions or transaction fees.  Our value is measured solely by the results we achieve and the relationships we build.

Unlike many sales-driven business models, GCM has only your interest at stake—and bases its advice on years of experience in financial markets and portfolio management.

Seasoned, Expert Advice

Gradow Capital Management offers a wealth of investment experience embodied in its owner and founder, Steve Gradow.  As a former director of a $12 billion money-management firm (Allied Investment Advisors), Steve has guided and directed portfolios for major non-profits, universities, and religious organizations, as well as Taft Hartley and State pension clients. His success - even during challenging market conditions - stems from a rigorous, disciplined approach that builds structural integrity into each portfolio.

Steve specializes in the wealth management of high-net-worth individuals and families, particularly those with complex financial needs and inter-generational concerns.   Adept at partnering, he forms strategic alliances with attorneys and other professionals to augment his expertise.

Steve’s insights into the investment process, together with risk control analysis, shape the foundation of the GCM approach.