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Personal Wealth Management

The Process

Successful personal wealth management starts with shared vision:  with your advisors understanding your special needs and goals—and with you understanding the guiding philosophy of your advisors.

For this reason, all new relationships at GCM are initiated with a meeting with our owner and founder, Steve Gradow.  Growing this relationship, of course, takes time; but providing such time is the hallmark of GCM service.

Personal Investment Plan

The Personal Investment Plan (PIP) is a clear and comprehensive blueprint for the enhancement and safeguarding of your investment assets.  It may also include strategies for inter-generational, estate, and trust planning, as well as for charitable gift-giving and other philanthropic endeavors.  The development, implementation, and monitoring of a PIP is outlined in the following phases:

Phase One

  • Analyze client’s current and future investment goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate client’s tolerance toward risk, return expectations, and time horizon to achieving desired goals.
  • Outline various proposed asset allocations strategies with a focus on risk controls driving the process.
  • Address long-term/short-term investment strategies against current market conditions and future forecasts.
  • Integrate portfolio strategies with well-researched and cost-effective options.
  • Generate a written statement that outlines objectives and provides guidelines for success.

Phase Two

  • Review PIP with client to ensure understanding and agreement.
  • Implement investment strategies according to PIP.

Phase Three

  • Provide ongoing analysis to ascertain relative asset valuations to each position within the portfolio.
  • Monitor and rebalance as needed and as prescribed by PIP guidelines.
  • Prepare a periodic review and appraisal of holdings, portfolio transactions, and performance.
  • Evaluate PIP objectives annually, revise and enhance as needed based on changes in lifestyle and goals.