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Non-Profits & Foundations

GCM is proud to offer well-managed, long-term investment programs to endowments, foundations, academic institutions, and other non-profit and religious organizations.  Itself donating a portion of its profits to such endeavors, GCM understands the importance of these organizations—and has earned a reputation as a valued advisor to them.

Steve Gradow, Managing Director, has 23 years of experience as an Institutional Portfolio Manager and Director of Investments:  he has managed the growth of multi-million dollar endowments and foundations.  In addition, Steve currently serves on several non-profit boards, as both a volunteer and a trustee.

Through a conservative fixed-income approach, GCM strives to build the financial resources that non-profit clients need to maintain and improve programs, staff, and infrastructure.  GCM offers a competitive fee schedule to further support its clients' endeavors.